IndieCollect: Making Preservation a Priority

Lyda in the vault at DuArt

Last week, LEF Executive Director Lyda Kuth visited DuArt, the film lab and post production house in NYC that has long been the go-to place for generations of American independent filmmakers.

DuArt’s vault contains thousands of film prints and negatives that were at risk of being lost when the company could no longer afford to store them.

Enter Sandra Schulberg, who founded IFP in 1970, and has now turned her attention to cataloging and preserving independent film.

DuArt’s archival crisis lit the fire for Sandra to launch IndieCollect in 2013, in an effort to rescue these prints and to continue building an independent archive and public index of American independent cinema. Lyda is a board member of IndieCollect and looks forward to reporting back on the work of the organization for the New England film community.

Learn more on the IndieCollect website and this New York Times article.

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