Harvard FSC – LEF Fellowship

Photo Courtesy of FSC at Harvard

The Film Study Center-LEF Foundation Fellowship is open to Boston-area nonfiction filmmakers who are not affiliated with Harvard

The Film Study Center (FSC) supports filmmaking, moving image, and sonic practices at Harvard through granting fellowships and access to equipment, holding work-in-progress critiques, and hosting visiting artists.

About the Fellowship Program

One filmmaker per academic year receives a $10,000 grant (jointly funded by FSC and LEF Foundation), access to FSC’s pool of production and post-production equipment, and the opportunity to participate in the Harvard FSC community through work-in-progress screenings, workshops, and other activities.

Central to the FSC-LEF fellowship is participation in the work-in-progress screenings several times a month (generally Tuesday evenings). At these meetings, fellows have the opportunity to present rushes, rough cuts, or fine cuts and receive feedback from other fellows. Participation by the FSC-LEF fellow is expected.


To be considered, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • They reside within 75 miles of Cambridge, MA (driving distance).
  • They are the director of the proposed project. Co-directors who each meet all of the eligibility criteria may also apply as a team and share the fellowship.
  • They will not have been affiliated with Harvard for two years prior to the start of the fellowship, nor will they already be affiliated with Harvard during the academic year of the fellowship.
  • They will not be enrolled in an undergraduate or master’s degree program during their proposed fellowship year.
  • Their proposed project is a short or long-form moving image work intended for cinema exhibition (multi-channel and installation will not be considered) and it engages with nonfiction filmmaking and/or experimental/hybrid nonfiction modes. 
  • They demonstrate an artistic practice in film/video by providing one prior completed work for which they served as director.
  • Their proposed project will be in production or post-production during most or all of the fellowship year.
  • They will benefit from and contribute to the FSC community through participation in fellowship programming during the fellowship year.
  • They have a non-profit fiscal sponsor for the project, or will have one in place by the start date of the fellowship.

How to Apply

Applicants may learn more about how to apply and submit an application through the Harvard Film Study Center website.

Application Deadline

The application deadline will be in early February.

The deadline for the 2024–2025 Fellowship is: February 8, 2024.

Selection Process

All eligible applications for the FSC-LEF Fellowship are reviewed by LEF and the Harvard Film Study Center staff. As an initial step, LEF evaluates the proposals and nominates a portion of the projects for the Film Study Center to consider alongside the entire pool of applications when making a final decision. 

Application Questions

If you have any questions about applying for an FSC-LEF Fellowship, please email fsc@fas.harvard.edu.

Current and Past Fellows


Milton Guillén


Amy Jenkins


Khary Saeed Jones


Kathryn Ramey


James Rutenbeck