The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship

The LEF Foundation is proud to contribute to the KAREN SCHMEER FILM EDITING FELLOWSHIP. As described in the Fellowship’s mission statement: “The Karen Schmeer Fellowship is a year-long experience that encourages and champions the talent of an emerging editor. It creates opportunities to help cultivate an editor’s artistry and craft, and expand his or her professional and creative community. Awarded annually, the Fellowship was created to honor the memory of gifted editor, Karen Schmeer.”

Karen Schmeer’s training as a film professional began in Boston. After graduating from Boston University, she started working with Errol Morris as an intern. Quickly promoted to be an editor on FAST, CHEAP, AND OUT OF CONTROL, she then went on to collaborate with Errol on numerous projects, including his Academy Award-winning film FOG OF WAR. Karen also edited for several other Boston area filmmakers — for projects all funded by LEF: Martha Swetzoff’s and Jane Gillooly’s (THEME: MURDER); Lucia Small’s (MY FATHER, THE GENIUS); and Robb Moss’ (THE SAME RIVER TWICE). After working in Boston fifteen prolific years, she moved to Los Angeles and eventually to New York City.

Karen remained a presence in the Boston community through her deep ties to people here, both professional and personal—hence, this scholarship founded by friends and colleagues from here. She always gave generously of her talent — offering input on countless rough cuts to both seasoned and emerging filmmakers. In numerous ways, Karen exemplified the best of what is associated with filmmakers who have had their start in Boston.

LEF is pleased to be supporting this program that not only honors a true New England talent but recognizes the importance of mentorship and the key role the editor plays in the making of a film.

NOTE: Applications for the 2011 award are due December 15th! For more details go to

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