Prick Up Your Ears – The Third Coast International Audio Festival

Documentary work comes in all forms. At LEF, we focus on the long-format documentary film; however we appreciate the genre for all the ways artists help us to understand, capture, and question the real.

One of the leading organizations in the country focusing on the craft of audio storytelling is the Third Coast International Audio Festival. TCIAF shines a spotlight on compelling and artistic documentary audio work through their podcast, the Filmless Festival, regional listening rooms and its own online audio archive. However, their annual conference is not to be missed!  Each year, TCIAF showcases the work of established audio storytellers like Ira Glass and Jay Allison in addition to work from strong, emerging talents like Amy O’Leary and Sean Cole. It profiles artists, asks questions about practice, and champions experiments with the medium all over the course of a packed weekend of events, forums, and listening sessions.
Held from October 28th – 30th in Chicago, this year’s conference also boasts appearances from musicians Andrew Bird and Jay Ryan. It’s definitely worth checking out, particularly for those looking to be inspired by creative editing, use of sound, and storytelling technique that can be applied to any documentary practice.
I have been before and if I wasn’t about to have a baby any day now, I’d be going again this year! – Sara

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