M is for…

The consultation deadline for their November round is tomorrow, but check out the Mass Humanities Project Grants., at least for future reference. Mass Humanities funds all kinds of humanities-related programs in Massachusetts (including film programming) and their list of past awards makes for interesting reading about programs and organizations working in Massachusetts.

Their  Social Media Outreach Grants provide up to $10,000 for film outreach such as project websites, online video content and social media strategy. Films in any phase of production are eligible to apply. Very useful to keep in mind if you’re a filmmaker planning for outreach and distribution.

Not entirely related, but interesting: I’m always trying to find out what’s going on at MIT and came across the MIT Media Lab Camera Culture research group. The future of imaging – terrifyingly high tech! I’m not sure what a femotosecond is, but more tangible is this, a device which attaches to a cell phone to allow for very inexpensive self eye-exams. Like our filmmakers, these researchers are exploring new ways to use cameras!

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