Love Letter to the True/False Film Fest

After an amazing weekend in Columbia, Missouri at the True/False Film Fest, I was prepared to write a full-on public Love Letter (capitals intended) to the festival praising its spirit, its vision and its whimsy. Then I saw that festival programmer and consultant extraordinaire Sean Farnel beat me to it! Check out this entry on his blog ripping reality as it captures, in my view, everything that makes T/F the stimulating experience that it is. Sean’s reflections mirror my own, especially in how the festival feels like a celebration – not just of documentary film, but of stories, storytellers, music, culture and community. It’s hard to walk down the streets of Columbia during T/F without a giant, goofy grin on your face.

As for my hit list of films not to miss, make sure to see THE AMBASSADOR, DETROPIA, THE IMPOSTER and SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN. Some films that I missed (too many amazing films, not enough time!) that I will actively seek out: ONLY THE YOUNG; AI WEI WEI: NEVER SORRY; and QUEEN OF VERSAILLES. Among the highlights of my experience that weekend were the Secret Screenings, a series of sneak previews of documentaries premiering at festivals coming up soon. I binged on secret screenings during my stay and found every one of them rewarding. I wish I could tell you all about them right now, but…it’s a secret!

Hats off and glasses raised to David Wilson, Paul Sturtz, and the whole True/False team!

– Sara

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