LEF New England Now Accepting Moving Image Fund Applications for Pre-production and Early Development Through June 3

Image Description: Over a blue and gray diamond background, blue text announces: Now accepting applications for Pre-production and Early Development, with a deadline of Friday, June 3.

LEF’s Moving Image Fund is welcoming applications for Pre-production and Early Development grants through Friday, June 3.

A maximum of (6) Pre-production grants of $5,000 each and (6) Early Development grants of $2,500 each will be awarded for the use of research, travel, location scouting, script or storyboard development, experimentation with shooting picture and sound, distribution planning, fundraising, creating a trailer, and schedule and budget development.

Applications for both phases require a written proposal and a full line-item budget. Pre-production applications require a current work sample from the project you are proposing for funding. Early Development applications require two past work samples.

Read the full announcement here, and apply here.

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