Last DOCYARD: Last Train Home

It’s September already. If you haven’t had the chance to get to a Docyard screening at the Brattle this past summer, the last film is Lixin Fan’s Last Train Home on Monday, 13 September.

The film has been showing in festivals all year to a huge amount of acclaim (WINNER, Best Feature: IDFA International Documentary Festival Amsterdam WINNER, Best Documentary: Whistler Film Festival
WINNER, Best Canadian Film: Rencontres International de Documentaire
Official Selection: RIDM, Sundance 2010, True / False 2010, Full Frame 2010).

Huffington Post
New York Times

Here’s a great interview with Lixin Fan from Filmmaker Magazine’s blog. The filmmaker recalls growing up and watching films in China:

“My mother worked as an accountant at a school for projectionists, so we grew up on the campus. I can still remember that we used to have a huge white screen—someone would hang a piece of cloth on the basketball court—and everyone would bring their own stools. We’d watch movies at night, and the kids would run around screaming and playing games. Those memories had an impact on my enthusiasm toward film”

He goes on to discuss his use of film to connect American audiences with the economic realities of Chinese workers. Hopefully screenings like the Docyard can keep bringing New England audiences and filmmakers visions of reality like Lixin Fan’s – it’s not quite the sheet and a basketball court, but the enthusiasm for bringing images to the screen is the key common ingredient.

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