Funder Spotlight: CINEREACH!

Among the many satisfying elements of working in the world of documentary funding is seeing a project that your foundation supports gain further recognition, grant support, and accolades from the industry broadly. At LEF, one name that we frequently see stand out in the crowd of funders is CINEREACH.

For those of you unaware of their work, Cinereach is a “not-for-profit film production company and foundation that champions vital stories, artfully told.” And I have to say that they abide by this mission faithfully. Cinereach is funding some of the most interesting, beautiful (in image and in story), and inspiring work in cinema that is happening today.

Please take a look at their site for more information about their work and the kind of support they offer to filmmakers. They have also done a great job in chronicling the progress that some of their recently funded work has made. I was especially pleased to see a number of LEF-supported films listed among their recent project updates:!

And check out their work with the Sundance Institute here:

We hope to bring these folks and some of the films they are supporting to Boston through the DocYard early next year. More details coming soon!

– Sara

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