Creative Capital is On Our Radar

The fantastic folks at Creative Capital have created yet another way to support the artists in their universe. For those who are unawares, Creative Capital is a national nonprofit organization that provides integrated financial and advisory support to artists of all disciplines. They are not just interested in funding a project to see it succeed; they are interested in nurturing artists to create sustainable practices so that the artists succeed. They are amazing and if you don’t know about them, please check them out. However, like most grantmaking and artist support orgs, they are limited in the number of projects they can take on each year. Which of course does not diminish the number of exciting and worthy projects that they review. For these projects that are dear to them, but do not capture that final funding gold ring, they have created On Our Radar. On Our Radar is a searchable database featuring nearly 400 projects that advanced to the second or third round in the highly competitive Film/Video and Visual Arts grant round last year. Although these projects were not ultimately funded, they felt the need to create a space to showcase this incredible work.

Among the featured projects are several current and former LEF grantees! Anya Belkina’s SYSTEM PREFERENCES and Cozette Russell’s BROOKFORD ALMANAC have both been awarded LEF grants in recent years. Former LEF grantees Jared Katsiane (FROM BOK CHOY TO BASIL) and Steven Subotnik (TENDER PARTS) were both selected for some exciting new projects they are pursuing.

And as someone who was born and raised (and currently lives in) Rhode Island, I would be amiss if I did not point out the amazing collection of artists from the biggest little state in the union. Though we are a tiny state, we have an extra long and impressive list of artists included in the database! Special shout outs go to Xander Morro (FREAKY FANCY), Pippi Zornoza (DIRT PALACE EXTERIOR), and Megan McMillan (who I suspect is working with her creative and life partner Murray McMillan on IF OUR WORLDS COULD BE ONE). You ladies never cease to amaze me with the abundant creativity that issues forth from your awesome brains.

Check out On Our Radar. You might find something that you want to keep on your radar too.

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