Big News from Vimeo at SXSW – Vimeo on Demand

Independent filmmakers looking for ways to get their content both monetized and in the hands of audiences, Vimeo has just the thing for you! At SXSW 2013, Vimeo announced their new Vimeo On Demand

platform, a service that grew from their “Tip Jar” concept. With Vimeo On Demand, any Vimeo PRO member ($199/year) can make their content available for a fee. The filmmaker has ultimate flexibility in setting price, launch date, rental time/download, countries available, etc. iTunes and Amazon offer similar deals to filmmakers, however unique to Vimeo On Demand is the generous split. Vimeo only takes 10%; the majority of the profit goes to the content creator.

Though Vimeo will have curated pieces to this service featuring things like “Staff Picks,” Vimeo is simply providing the platform. It is up to the artist to hustle and bring the audience. All in day’s work for today’s indie filmmaker! Great to know this tool is available, empowering filmmakers to take distribution options further into their own hands and, hopefully, deeper into their own wallets!
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