AC and Ice

Our LEF office is usually pleasantly sunny, but it was starting to feel like a car with the windows closed over the past few weeks, thanks to the East Coast heat and an air conditioner that’s having a hard time. Sara and I were driven out into nearby cafés and libraries at one point to do our work. Reading the Principle Pictures blog, though, made me rethink our cooing issues pretty quickly. 

In it, Beth Murphy records some of her and her crew’s experiences as they do some shooting in Iraq for their documentary The Promise of Freedom (another of their projects, What Tomorrow Brings  recieved LEF support for spring 2010). There are a lot of vivid observations on there, but what got my attention is the temperature– almost 120 degrees! Here’s their video of a Baghdad ice vendor:

This place makes Harvard Square look like a popsicle factory. It’s interesting to learn the the details of what our grantees have been seeing and doing. Probably little of the information on the blog will make it into the documentary, but there’s more to the experience of making a film than the final product.

– Nellie

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