10 Years of the Moving Image Fund

Earlier this year, we decided a party was in order as part of celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the LEF Moving Image Fund. Due to capacity issues, we were limited to inviting those filmmakers we had funded and colleagues we work closely with. But the spirit of the event was to celebrate the filmmaking community as a whole– just those in the room– and to affirm that none of us does this work alone. 

We started off with a program that had filmmakers talking directly with other filmmakers—not a moderator in sight – and it was proven once again that the filmmakers are the smartest ones in the room. It was most rewarding is to hear them talk about their work and ask challenging questions of one another.   We documented the conversation, so look for an announcement in several weeks for an edited version to go up on our website with pictures from the event.

Seasoned filmmakers were there, who had taught the mid-career filmmakers who were there, who in turn are now teaching the soon-to-graduate emerging filmmakers—who weren’t yet in the room.  As Jerry Seinfeld said when asked about his children,  “Don’t forget, your kids are here to replace you.”  It’s ensured there will be both continuity and growth in this film community we hold dear.

– Lyda Kuth, LEF Foundation Executive Director

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