What are LEF’s residency requirements for funding?
In order to apply for funding, the main creative personnel, which is the director and/or producer, must live in one of the six New England states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine.
I live in New York – am I eligible to apply for funding?
I grew up in New England and live elsewhere, but my family still lives there. Can I still apply?

I'm still not sure if I meet LEF's New England residency requirements.

I am looking for distribution funds for my film. Can I apply to LEF?
I am currently a student. Am I eligible to apply for LEF funds?
Can I apply for a LEF grant without a fiscal sponsor?
What is a fiscal sponsor?
I don’t have a fiscal sponsor – how can I find one?
I have applied to LEF in the past and was not funded. Can I apply again?
I have two projects – can I apply for both of them?
I have finished my film, but I have debt to pay off. Am I eligible to apply?
Are first time filmmakers or mature makers more apt to receive funding?
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