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LEF New England launched the Moving Image Fund (MIF) in 2002 to support independent film and video artists creating new work.Through MIF, LEF provides funding across all phases of production, supporting films from the early risk-taking stage, through a film's completion.

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A Very Old Game

In Production
Mike Majoros
Mike Majoros
Type of Film

Film Synopsis

A documentary about the life of nomadic Mongolians and how their traditional Madam games -- the second oldest athletic competition in the world -- helps keep their culture alive and vital in the face of sweeping economic and environmental changes. The film follows a 9-year-old girl over the course of a year as she weathers a brutal winter, tends to her herd of sheep and goats, and then competes in horse races across the countryside

About the Director(s)

Mike Majoros has spent the last 20 years Directing and Editing feature-length documentaries about a broad range of subjects. He was an Editor and writer for THE SINGING REVOLUTION, Director of ROLLING) and Director and Cinematographer for UNFINISHED SYMPHONY: DEMOCRACY AND DISSENT. He worked as a sound editor forseveral episodes of The American Experience PBS TV series EYES ON THE PRIZE. His work has received dozens of awards, and has been screened internationally at festivals including Sundance and Berlin, as well as on PBS.

New England

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