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With all the reports filtering back Eastward from the 2013 True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO as a non-eyewitness I can't really pin down what happened out there, between the game shows, parades, parties and secret screenings and the festival's commitment to questioning the genre line between fact and fiction. Luckily LEF's Executive Director Lyda Kuth was at True/False to take in all the exciting new work that's happening and to applaud LEF grantees Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel in being the recipients of the 2013 True Vision Award

One new element of the festival that caught our attention at LEF was the Neither/Nor screening series, launched this year to provide "a historical overview of films that explore and/or break free of the dubious dichotomy of fact and fiction." The series makes a selection of works that are outside of the fact/fiction divide - films that can be called "Chimeras" after the mythological figure made up of different animal parts.
Our 3rd DocYard summer season has wrapped and another collection of amazing films and artists has come and gone. Nearing the end of this summer’s programming, several people approached me asking about how we select the films. I’ve been programming screening and discussion events with filmmakers for my entire professional life, and these inquiries made me realize that what seems so rote to me is actually a total mystery to others. Now that the summer season is closed and we’ve turned our eyes to the next round of films in our scope, I thought it was a good time to share a bit about the process and thinking behind our programming.
A diverse group of screenings, from LEF grantees and other filmmakers of interest, to help get from the current lion-like part of March to the lamb-like part at the other end:
Hopefully soon we'll have some updates from the Camden International Film Festival (happening now!) and IFP week, but like so many falling autumn leaves, there are lots of October events to keep track of:

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