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Four filmmakers were selected to attend the 61st Robert Flaherty Film Seminar as LEF New England Fellows, including (pictured, L-R) Josh Weissbach, Eric Gulliver, Amahl Bishara, and Colin Brant. The seminar took place from June 13-19, 2015 at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. This week, Eric Gulliver and Josh Weissbach share reflections on their experience.

LEF Fellows Beyza Boyacioglu, Warren Cockerham, Amy Jenkins and Brynmore Williams at the Flaherty Seminar

Four New England filmmakers were selected to attend the 60th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar from June 14-20, 2014 as LEF Fellows. These filmmakers are Beyza Boyacioglu, Warren Cockerham, Amy Jenkins, and Brynmore Williams. The following are reflections from the fellows about their Flaherty Seminar experience:

From June 15 – 21, the Flaherty Film Seminar hosted its 59th program: HISTORY IS WHAT’S HAPPENING. For the uninitiated, this annual, intensive weeklong seminar brings filmmakers, programmers, scholars and students together to discuss, dissect and celebrate cinema. Since 2009, LEF Foundation has supported a fellowship program that sends New England-based filmmakers to the seminar for professional development and, importantly, inspiration. This year’s fellows were Beth Balaban, Chico Colvard, Hunter Synder, and Jim Wolpaw. Below, we are sharing some of their reflections about their experiences at the legendary Flaherty.

LEF Fellow Hunter Synder (left), filmmaker Yoni Brook, LEF Fellow Beth Balaban (right)

Most people have a summer reading list. I have a summer screening list. Which, thanks to Mike Stoltz, has just gotten longer. LEF Flaherty Fellow Mike Stoltz gives us his "must see" list from the seminar.
Please share in the Flaherty glow. Jesse Epstein shines it brightly!
It’s our first big chunk of downtime at the Flaherty Seminar.  We’ve seen some great work so far and started some interesting discussions.
Update: 2010 Flaherty Film Seminar

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