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Since 2009, LEF has supported fellowships for New England-based nonfiction filmmakers to attend the Flaherty Seminar. This year's Seminar took place from June 18-24 at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, and the 2016 LEF New England Fellows were (pictured, left to right:) Gerald Peary, Amber Bemak, Daniel Hui, and Thorsten Trimpop.

This week, we share some notes from Gerald Peary and Thorsten Trimpop. 

Last week, LEF Executive Director Lyda Kuth visited DuArt, the film lab and post production house in NYC that has long been the go-to place for generations of American independent filmmakers.

DuArt's vault contains thousands of film prints and negatives that were at risk of being lost when the company could no longer afford to store them.

Enter Sandra Schulberg, who founded IFP in 1970, and has now turned her attention to cataloging and preserving independent film.



This week, LEF Program Director Sara Archambault shares these thoughts:

We are extremely fortunate in New England to have a wealth of media innovation growing from our region. Much of this activity is centered in Boston at the universities or through start-ups. One such organization making ripples that start here and send waves across the world is AIR – the Association of Independents in Radio. AIR is at the hub of innovative platforms in storytelling for public media throughout the US.


Cameron Bargerstock's LEF-funded film EXIT MUSIC was selected for Spotlight on Documentaries at IFP's Independent Film Week, which took place September 20-25. Cameron shares her experience in the LEF Blog this week.

Photos by Spencer Worthley / Courtesy of Camden International Film Festival

Massachusetts-based filmmaker Margo Guernsey's LEF-funded project COUNCILWOMAN was one of five feature documentaries to participate in the inaugural Camden/TFI Retreat presented by CNNFilms. The retreat, which took place from June 21-26 in Camden, Maine, also included the participation of Pacho Velez and Sierra Pettengill's LEF-funded film THE REAGAN YEARS and three other works-in-progress from emerging US-based filmmakers.

COUNCILWOMAN follows the first term of Rhode Island politician Carmen Castillo as she balances her new role in public office with her day job as a hotel housekeeper, inspiring questions about democracy and its conditions.  

In the LEF blog this week, Margo shares some of her reflections on the retreat.


Over the past month, filmmaker Beth Murphy has been leading an impact campaign for her LEF-funded film WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS. Recently, LEF invited Beth to write about how she has paired her filmmaking with impact. This week, Beth shares her thoughts in the LEF blog.


Four filmmakers were selected to attend the 61st Robert Flaherty Film Seminar as LEF New England Fellows, including (pictured, L-R) Josh Weissbach, Eric Gulliver, Amahl Bishara, and Colin Brant. The seminar took place from June 13-19, 2015 at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. This week, Eric Gulliver and Josh Weissbach share reflections on their experience.

Looking for the ideal filmmaker residency program? Whether the opportunity you’re seeking is urban or rural, international or just the town over, unfunded or all-expenses-paid, where should one begin to look? LEF highlights a few helpful residency listing sites, each offering a number of opportunities for documentary filmmakers at any stage of the production process.


Image: December 2013 LEF Moving Image Fund Grant Workshop

Join the LEF Foundation team on December 9 for a grant workshop hosted by the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Image: THREE DAYS TO SEE by Garrett Zevgetis

This November, LEF comes to Providence for a grant workshop designed for prospective applicants to the Moving Image Fund. LEF’s next Moving Image Fund deadline is January 23.

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