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I juggle a lot of hats in this inspiring, and often bewildering, game we call documentary. Program Director at the LEF Foundation is one of them. Programmer at The DocYard is another. And a third, of which I am very proud, is Producer of the non-fiction feature film (currently in post-production) Street Fighting Man. It was with this last hat on that I set off to New York for Independent Film Week, last week.

There are many people locally who are working feverishly ( how else) and somewhat below the radar ( no surprise) in all aspects of the media industry. To make visible the range of activity going on in Boston, we'll be blogging  about some of the people who make up this broad, and very vibrant community, that we're all a part of.  

Recently I took a trip to the WGBH complex in Boston to talk with Eric Gulliver, an Assistant Editor at FRONTLINE, the public affairs documentary series on PBS that's been on air for more than 30 years. I wanted to learn a little bit about how they put together the show and what it's like to work at a place where there's a shiny wall of Emmy and Peabody awards adjoining the break room.

New England