22 October 2010

LEF Foundation awards $15,000 to New England
Independent Documentary Filmmakers for Projects in Pre-Production


The LEF Foundation is happy to announce 3 grants totaling $15,000 to independent documentary filmmakers creating innovative feature-length films, each with a unique artistic voice.

The LEF Moving Image Fund invests in projects that demonstrate excellence in technique, strong storytelling ability, and originality of artistic vision and voice. In addition to this criteria, the grantees represent a group of filmmakers at different stages in their artistic careers, from emerging to more established makers. The 3 funded projects will receive $5,000 each in pre-production support.

The selected films are taking place in diverse locations, and addressing a broad range of subjects, but all of the grantees share a thoughtful approach to their work and a strong creative eye. The grantees are as follows:



Andrew Jawitz
Munjoy Hill

Renown Hollywood director John Ford, born to Irish immigrants in Portland Maine, went on to create some of the most iconic American images in cinema. In the present, Irish immigration to Portland has given way to waves of Somali and Sudanese. Recognizing parallels to Ford's life, Munjoy Hill asks: How do immigrants reinvent themselves and their surroundings in their journey to becoming Americans?

Cozette Russell
Brookford Almanac 

Brookford Almanac is a year in the complex and beautiful life of first-generation American farmers. A young couple is living their dream of raising a family on a farm in New Hampshire, but with their lease set to expire, the future is uncertain. This is a film about old and new rituals, physical labor, land ethics and what comes next for American farming.

Lauren Shaw
Angkor’s Children

In Cambodia’s post-genocide present, fifty percent of the population is under the age of 21. Angkor's Children is about the young Cambodians who are the primary resource and hope of their country. Through their art and service to their communities, a new generation is struggling to create a fresh culture and this film witnesses their work-in-progress.

The LEF Foundation extends its warmest congratulations to this group of grantees and our best wishes for success to all the projects reviewed for this deadline.

LEF’s next upcoming deadline is 28 January, 2011 for projects seeking support for production or post-production. Please check www.lef-foundation.org for details regarding LEF Moving Image Fund guidelines and eligibility.
For more information on the Foundation or its funded projects, please contact Program Manager Sara Archambault: 617.492.5333 or sara@lef-foundation.org.

A private family foundation dedicated to the support of contemporary arts, LEF was established in 1985 with offices in Massachusetts and California. The Moving Image Fund was launched in 2001 through the LEF office in Cambridge, MA to support independent film and video artists. Since its inception, the Moving Image Fund has supported over 200 independent filmmaker projects with more than $2,000,000 in funding.